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About Newton Exterior Cleaning

Where It All Started

We are a family owned business based out of Pender County NC. We pride ourselves on being able to provide exceptional exterior cleaning services to both residential and commercial properties in the local area. The foundation of this company was built on hard work, dedication, and passion for service. 


Our Process

Pressure Washing/Soft Washing 

Concrete cleaning

Rust Removal 

Cleaning method that uses professional  cleaners and equipment, to remove stains and build up, destroy bacteria and algae, and bring back the curb appeal to your property or business.

Cleaning method that uses professional cleaners and equipment to remove build up stains, dirt, and more. This method will bring back the beauty in your property or business.

Cleaning method that combines low pressure with professional cleaning solutions. Rust stains are common on building materials such as: siding, stucco, concrete, and other surfaces. Irrigation lines are one of the biggest reasons for this. 

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